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da vinci smoker

The DA VINCI smoker, grill and barbecue with a system that allows you to adjust the smoke output and temperature to be able to cook juicy meat, fish, vegetables...



  • An angular stainless steel grill/grill.


  • A smoker separated into two systems: one for the fire and one for the product.

  • It has a thermometer, fireplace, a system with two keys to adjust the temperature and smoke outlet, and anti-heat paint has been used. 


  • It has a long iron support surface for food or other utensils and two wheelsto move the barbecueeasily.

  • Ideal for smoking, baking or roasting.


  • Total measurements: 80cm long, 60cm wide and 100cm high.

  • Smoker measurements: 75x30cm.


Price from €550 VAT not included

(barbecue accessories not included)

Additional details 

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