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Our American style THE SMOKER is designed for smoking, oven and grill. It is perfect for garden or restaurants.



  • The smoker includes two floors of steel grate type grills for cooking.  

  • 6mm thick sheet metal lid with integrated thermometer for smoking and preserving heat. 

  • Fire box with 6mm thick sheet metal and door with air system. Includes a solid round grill for roasting/grilling and a drawer to collect ashes. 

  • Anti-heat paint has been used.

  • It has a long iron support surface for food or other utensils and a rack at the bottomto leave the charcoal and accessories for the barbecue 

  • Four wheels to move the barbecueeasily.

  • Ideal for for smoking, baking, grilling.


  • Smoker measurements: 1m long x 50cm diameter. 

  • Firebox measurements: 50cm long x 50cm diameter.

  • Total measurement: 1.70cm long x 75cm wide x 1.30cm high (without chimney). 


Price from €1,699 

(barbecue accessories not included)

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