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VAT included

The versatile BOTTICELLI model, designed to function as both a barbecue and a smoker, is presented as the perfect solution for cooking a wide variety of dishes.


Ideal for outdoor events, terraces or gardens, this model stands out for its practicality and ease of storage as it can be disassembled. ​


Includes three trays designed specifically for meat, collecting fat, and preparing various foods. With two front doors with temperature control and integrated thermometer.


The robust structure, with a wall thickness of 6cm (3cm of brick and 3cm of insulating material), has a chimney for adequate ventilation and anti-heat paint for exceptional durability.


Includes two metal trays, one on the front and one on the bottom, providing additional support and space for charcoal.

With four wheels that facilitate the movement of the barbecue.


Ideal for smoking, baking or grilling.

Grill specifications:

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