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VAT included

The REMBRANDT wood smoker and oven, designed to meet the needs of private gardens, restaurants and country houses, presents a complete solution for food preparation.


Featured Features: Two independent compartments: Divided into two autonomous sections, with the smoker at the top and the brazier at the bottom, providing flexibility in cooking.


Versatile interior: Equipped with three grills and three grease collection trays, all adjustable to different heights to adapt to various types of food.


6cm wall thickness: The structure has a wall thickness of 6cm, composed of 3cm of insulating material and 3cm of refractory bricks, guaranteeing optimal heat retention.


Stainless Steel Hooks: Includes stainless steel hooks inside for hanging a variety of meats, providing flexibility in preparation.


Three front lids with closure: With three front lids, all with closure, to efficiently maintain heat during the cooking process.


Thermometer and chimney: Equipped with a thermometer to monitor the temperature and a chimney for proper ventilation.


In addition, anti-heat paint has been applied for greater durability.


Versatility of use: Perfect for smoking, baking and grilling, providing various culinary options.​

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