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VAT included

Immerse yourself in the authentic American smoking experience with our THE SMOKER, offering unparalleled versatility for smoking, grilling and baking. ​


We highlight the robust 6mm thickness of the lid, which incorporates an integrated thermometer for precise temperature control. ​

The smoker and 6mm thick side grill ensure even heat distribution. ​

It includes two levels of grate-type steel grills, a front iron support surface, along with a grate at the bottom for charcoal storage. ​


On its side, it incorporates a solid round steel grill for roasting, accompanied by an ash collection drawer with an air system door. The anti-heat paint guarantees its durability and resistance in high temperature conditions.


Equipped with four XL wheels, they make it easy to move the smoker comfortably.


Versatility of use: Ideal for smoking, baking and grilling. ​ ​ ​

Grill specifications:

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